Measurement Service

TES Measurement Service

We offer all relevant measurement services and high end measurement technology. As specialists, we measure with high precision, in high resolution and with high channel density.


We measure the following parameters in high resolution:

  • general measurement of load profile and multi-channel load profile analysis
  • power quality analysis according to EN50160
  • EMC according to IEC 61000
  • thermic quantity
  • air quantity
  • environmental parameters
  • all parameters of any source, required for the observation of the total energy flow

Through our measurement data service (cloud) all acquired information is collected centrally in our process centre, where it is processed and compounded to a comprehensive report. The reports are adapted according to the specific cases and can be interpreted on the client's demand. Your advantages:

  • automated data transmission
  • data transfer directly to your web browser (private or public – at fingertip – not susceptible to external manipulation or interference – also available as ERP import)
  • Initiating a control mechanism for energy efficiency and efficacy is a vital step towards the completion of your integrated energy management system.

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